EsorChows, is located in the South Waikato district of the North Island of New Zealand and is owned by Reuben Dixon, along with the support of my loving family, Trish, Warren, Lena and Eden. My love for the Chowchow breed started when I was 15,while walking to my friendís house, I saw these amazing dogs, there were three of them a black and two fawn.
The owner was working in the garden and I asked what breed of dogs were they, she replied Chowchows.
Ever since that day I was hooked and fell madly in love with this breed. The owner said I could come visit again, so I visited them often getting to know the breed.
In 2007 I got my first Chowchow from Hazel and Phil Willcock (Cantue Kennels) his name is Rufus.
 I showed Rufus in  many shows as he grew to make him New Zealand champion-CANUTE CLARIFY.


I was looking for photos of dogs in Rufus pedigree, there was a dog that I liked CH FRANGHETTI CHINA BEAR, Rufus Granddad. I contacted the owner Maureen Murphy, she invited me to come and see her chows. We became good friends.
In 2008 I got Ruby - CH WHITEBRIAR BABEALICIOUS from Maureen and had made her up into a Champion also, Ruby is
very pleasant to show as she loves the ring. Ruby is everything I want in a chow bitch.


Later on Maureen had imported NZ CH CHENG OF THE CHINA'S JOY AT AKAKURO (IMP-NETH) and breed him to Ruby's mum CH FRANGHETTI BOSTON BABE, I got a puppy from this litter.
Puppy's name is Roxy Myteechow Milady.


I now have my 2 female bitches for breeding; I now needed to find a male dog. I contacted Bob Merle, & Narelle Williams of Chowliegh Kenneks in Australia, Victoria, Melbourne. After waiting for sometime Narelle contacted me and said they have a male puppy, this was the day my dreams came true. His name is Rumba - CHOWLEIGH RHINESTONE COWBOY.



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Reuben Dixon
 Esor Chows